How to Streamline Sales & Legal Collaboration: Insights from G2’s Eunice Buhler & Colin Danaher

In the vibrant world of SaaS, a dynamic collaboration between sales and legal departments can be a game-changer. SaaStr Annual 2023 is gearing up to host an enlightening session that delves deep into this synergy. Eunice Buhler, the esteemed General Counsel of G2, and Colin Danaher, the VP of Enterprise Sales at G2, will be sharing the stage to unpack strategies for achieving this alignment for faster deal closures.

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Why Sales and Legal Often Collide

Sales and Legal departments tend to have a love-hate relationship. The dynamic nature of Sales, driven by targets, contrasts starkly with the meticulous, risk-averse approach of Legal. But in the SaaS space, time is of the essence, and deals need to close faster.

Key Session Details:

Eunice Buhler speaking at a previous event

Unraveling the Sales & Legal Conundrum

It’s not uncommon for legal departments to be viewed as bottlenecks by sales teams. Conversely, legal professionals might feel that sales teams sometimes overlook crucial business safety nets. The key lies in fostering an understanding between the two, allowing them to work in tandem rather than in opposition.

During this session, attendees will gain insights on:

  1. Customer Negotiations: Strategies that ensure both parties are on the same page for quicker conclusions.
  2. Risk Management: Balancing immediate gains with potential long-term business risks.
  3. A Commercially-Focused Mindset: How sales and legal can unite under a business-first approach.
Colin Danaher speaking at a previous event

Why Attend This Session?

The power duo of Buhler and Danaher promises not just theoretical knowledge but practical, real-world solutions. They’ll draw from their experiences at G2, sharing lessons on how a software review platform transformed its sales and legal alignment to expedite deal processes.

As the SaaS landscape continues to evolve, this session is a must-attend for professionals who aim to foster inter-departmental harmony, streamline processes, and boost revenue.

Join Us

The SaaStr Annual 2023 promises a plethora of insights, with 99 sessions spread across three days. As the clock ticks down to Eunice Buhler and Colin Danaher’s session on sales and legal collaboration, businesses everywhere stand to gain from their insights. Ensure you’ve marked your calendar for this transformative session!

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