Powering Growth with Rebranding – Insights from Chargebee Leaders at SaaStr Annual 2023

Many SaaS companies eventually face the dreaded “positioning plateau”. It’s that inevitable point where the strategies that initially led to growth seem to stagnate. The real question is – how can these companies innovate, pivot, and grow past these challenges? Join Guy Marion, CMO of Chargebee, and Erin Gunaratna, VP of Product Marketing at Chargebee, as they discuss “Powering Next-Gen Growth Through Rebranding and Repositioning with Chargebee” at SaaStr Annual 2023.

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Navigating the Positioning Plateau

All SaaS companies aim for that consistent trajectory of growth. Yet, many encounter a plateau, a point where the original vision or offerings that catapulted them from startup to scale seems insufficient.

The Chargebee Transformation Story

Chargebee’s marketing leaders, Guy Marion, and Erin Gunaratna, have firsthand experience in navigating this challenge. As they transitioned their company from a subscription billing product to an integrated Revenue Growth Management platform, they encountered, evaluated, and overcame several challenges.

Erin Gunaratna, VP of Product Marketing at Chargebee, at SaaStr Annual 2023.

During their session, they’ll share:

  • Key indicators signaled it was time for a shift in positioning.
  • How they approached the task of rebranding and repositioning.
  • Valuable lessons that other SaaS companies can use as a blueprint for their own transformation journey.

Key Session Details:

Guy Marion, CMO of Chargebee, at SaaStr Annual 2023.

Breaking the plateau demands innovative thinking and strategic moves. Chargebee’s rebranding and repositioning journey offers invaluable insights that can help other SaaS businesses to navigate their growth challenges. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the industry leaders at SaaStr Annual 2023!

Highlight Session Alert:

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